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Play for survival, rewards, items and glory as you pit yourself with hostile enemies and other players in this multiplayer Surivor Arena!

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Note: The game is currently in early alpha and development phase so most of the game mechanics will be subject to changes from time to time. Click 'Follow Raster Games' on the top right to subscribe to our page and if you wish to be notified of regular game updates.

Game Controls

  • Mouse for Aim.
  • Mouse Left or Press <Space> for Fire.
  • W,A,S,D or ⇦ ⇧ ⇩ ⇨ Keys for Movement

Power Ups

Get power ups to make you invulnerable for a reasonable amount of time! These items can be obtained in the arena or as a reward.

Weapons and Gear

*Arm yourself for survival by getting better weapons and gear.

Survivor Ranking

The current game ranking is based on your score or game points. Each time you ran out of health and respawned, your game points will decrease by a third of your last total score. If you have 1000GP or score and then you die on the game, your score will now be set to 500. Your level, game items and gears may also affect your score or game points after respawn.  The minimum score to get ranked is 100.

On future versions, top ranking will also be based on most killed enemies, players and other top stats.

Saving Game Progress

Save your game progress and get your player an extraction point by acquiring *Radio gears. This saves your current score. Your score will also be saved everytime your player dies from the game, but will be decreased. See Survivor Ranking above.

*This is currently in development.

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