A downloadable BrowserQuest

This is a custom sandbox game version, still in beta development and to be extended adding more features, events, maps and quests. 







  • Take the Early Quester Survey! More details in the latest DevLog and stickied post (6/11/19).
  • Sandbox server now back up for dry-run testing (7/10/18). Please read the latest terms of use located at the login screen.
  • Sandbox server under maintenance until further notice (5/19/18)
  • New Extended Server ** Experimental **  (12/14/17)
  • Post Halloween Event and Easter Egg (11/4/17)
  • DarkScorpion mob returns (11/3/17)
  • Guild Server Now Back Up! (6/22/17)
  • New Mob: DarkScorpion (2/22/17)
  • New Season Event: Cupid Stupid (2/13/17)
  • New NPC Militia May (2/11/2017)
  • New NPC Samurai Joe (2/2/17)
  • Player level now added on player tag (1/27/17)
  • Upgraded to Guild and PVP Server. Please see this quick guide for help and more information (1/23/17)

Development log